About BitBox

BitBox leads the way in the design and manufacture of electronic hardware and software to the highest standards. Our customer-focused approach is how we nurture strong relationships, build trust and provide our partners with peace of mind and security.

It is our highly skilled passionate team that sets BitBox apart from other electronics and software designers and maufacturers. Meet our team:

Quentin Lister

Matt Garnett

Amanda Pattemore

Karla Darby-Hardman

Alex Malcolm

David Puzey

Nicola Tanner

Scott Faith

Krzysztof Szmurlo

Andrew Lynn

Peter Jones

Peter Horton

Tim Scott

The BitBox team is committed to product design and manufacturing excellence; our aim is to ensure that through every stage your experience of working with us exceeds your expectations. We do this by maintaining these core values:

  • Customer Focus - We place our customers first and aim to fully support all partners with honesty, fairness and equality as they grow. We put their ambitions at the heart of our service
  • Reliable - We design and build products to last the test of time, and guarantee each batch is as good as the first
  • High Quality - We strive to be the very best partner for providing concept development through to manufacture, exceeding quality expectations
  • Professionalism, Pride and Passion - We’re proud that the BitBox family oozes pride, professionalism and passion, striving to continualy improve our processes and performance
  • Nurture - We invest in the future, providing real world experience for young people, giving them challenges and benefitting from their fresh perspectives

BitBox competes on the global stage and does so for some great reasons. 

  • 25 years experience of prototyping through to high volume production
  • Unrivelled Linux expertise producing stable, reliable and powerful operating systems
  • Proven experience in applications relying on ARM processors delivering low-power solutions with high processing capability in often extreme environments
  • Quality is in our DNA; yes we're certified. But more so, our team is passionate about making every product to the highest quality possible
  • Qualified professionals ensure prototypes are built, inspected, tested and verified to internationally recognised standards
  • We're one co-located team; design, manufacture, inspection and test all happen at our UK facility in Basingstoke, Hampshire, providing process efficiencies and access to on-site experts

Most importantly of all, our customers benefit from our approach to customer care. We strive to nurture strong partnerships based on reliability, honesty and equality. Our professional and passionate team takes pride in its work, and goes the extra mile to exceed expectations.


Find out more about how working with BitBox will benefit you and your business and enable you to design, develop and deliver a successful, high quality product.